Friday 18 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Le Pont de-Montvert to Sainte Enimie

Le Pont at Le Pont de-Montvert
Today turned out to be the rest day that yesterday should have been, only 50.44 kilometres. I was woken by a another thunderstorm at 6am together with heavy rain, it eased off by 10ish though so after a bat of leisurely packing I left Le Pont de-Montvert. It was basically downhill all the way to Florac as I followed the Tarn river. The Tarn would now be followed for another two days. The top of the hills were obscured by mist, as I descended the twisting road surrounded by deciduous woodland. This weekend is a public holiday in France, and they take their holidays seriously. I only just made the shop in Florac before it shut at 1pm, so was able to restock with food for the next 24 hours. Once into the tarn Gorge proper the scenery changed, and the sun came out!
Empty roads in the Gorges du Tarn
Round every corner a different view, I seemed to have the road to myself amazingly quiet. Until I got to Ste-Enimie that is, which was very busy.
Only a few Kilometres further and I am camped on another great site occupying an idyllic spot beside the river, plenty of time to do the evening clothes wash and chill

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