Monday 21 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Near St Crepin to St-Pons-de- Thomieres

A rather wet Col de Sie
What a bloody night, I was so tired I forgot to shut the vents on the tent. The wind had blown rain in through the vents then through the mesh of the inner tent onto my buff which was "Drying" thiss then made a steady drip onto my down sleeping bag. A schoolboy error, and something I've never been caught out by in over 40 years camping. Kinda shows how tired I must have been. As soon as daylight arrived I got the packed up, the tent down and on my way. A short descent then over the Col de Sie, and a wet descent towards Lacaune. At a junction outside the town I made an easy desicion to take a less hilly route in the general direction of the original plan. It was still raining and continued for most of the rest of the day. From Nages I rode beside Lac du Labuzas then on to La- Salvetat sur-Agout, then up another climb over the Col de la Baraque and Col du Cabaretou
Still wet!
There then followed a fantastic descent of 12 kilometres right in to St-Pons-de-Thomieres. The rain stopped very briefly and I attempted to dry a bit of gear out. It was only noon and had ridden 65.63 kilometres (all in a mornings work!)
Trying to dry a bit of gear out
Feeling a bit better for being surrounded by civilisation I found a hotel and booked in for the night. At the very least I would get everything dry and a good nights sleep after last nights debacle. I would think of a foul weather option for tomorrow in case it was raining for a third day, surely not?
Teddy supervising more drying of gear

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