Thursday 17 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Les Vans to Le Pont de-Montvert

Les Vans
So today was supposed to be an easy day, even with a late 9.45am start and frequent stops to chill and take photos things have conspired to mean I've done 73.47 kilometres and climbed for much of the day. I am however ahead of schedule as I didn't expect to get to St Pont de-Montvert. I arrived at the municipal site here at 5.45, it was a bargain 5.17 euros! The original plan was to stop in Genolhac, but no site, this was abit of a blow as I had already climbed two cols and was looking forward to an early finish.
So it was onwards and upwards as I set off up the Col de la Croix de Berthel, a bit of a monster this. Approx 8 kilometres along this road a sign indicated that a bridge was down and the road was closed to all traffic. Now in any form of motorised transport that would be an inconvenience, but on a laden pushbike its a disaster. The diversion was out of the question, so I pushed on believing that I could get through one way or another. In fact the bridge was over a small ravine, but was passable after taking the panniers off and taking first bike, then a couple of trips with luggage. The hardest/steepest part of the climb was near the end, but eventually the summit appeared (as always!)
Typical Cevannes Woodland
Eigenbau at the Col......................
As evening approached a hazyness had appeared and true enough a thunderstorm broke out, got the tent up in time though so no worries.

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