Wednesday 23 May 2012

France Cycle Tour: Capestang to Port-la Nouvelle

The coastal plain
Canal du midi
Lock on the Canal du Midi
Mythos at Port-la-Nouvelle
Pangs of conscience this morning, strange really I felt like I was wimping out by heading for the coast. I gave myself a good talking to, the coast would be all new to me, unlike the Pyrenees! I was on holiday after all. I used the Canal du Midi to pass through Narbonne, all very attractive. Then another Voie Verte, rather rougher than yesterdays took me out beside the Etang de Bages et de Sigean. It was very windy across here, forcing me to stop twice. The saltpans were all flooded, wasting for the sun to do its work. Port-la-Nouvelle is a working port, with lots going on. It had only been a short day 60.05 kilometres, but there was a good site and the sun was shining, chillout time.

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