Thursday 17 January 2019

Two Walks Above the Duddon Valley

A really beautiful days weather today, barely a cloud in the sky but a very cold Northerly wind meant no unnecessary hanging about. I had 4 Synge's to climb in this area and had in mind to do them all today in 2 separate walks.
As is my habit here's a few photos of the day....

Having parked on the top of Kiln Bank Cross, I set off along the Park Head Road. My first top was to be Brock Barrow...seen here directly above the track in the foreground.

I made quick progress along the track to it's highpoint. It was then only a short climb to the top passing this small dud of water. Stickle Pike is the prominent peak.

There was a cracking view of Caw from the summit.

Back down to the track and up on to "Park Head Road Top"...strange name (it's not near the top of Park Head Road!). Here we are looking back at the earlier ascended Brock Barrow. it was then just a short way back to the car.

Having driven down to Hall Bridge and parked, I headed along the minor road to Wallowbarrow.  

This is the final approach to Wallowbarrow Heald, can you spot the neither could I because there wasn't animal tracks nothing. It was the best part of a km from the Grassguards track, all like this....I may well have nightmares about this tonight!

This is the top of Wallowbarrow Heald and a splendid view across Dunnerdale to the Coniston Fells

It' only a short distance to the next Synge Iron Crag, with another excellent view. It was just possible to see Seathwaite Tarn from here. It was time to head back all my summits for the day had been attained. I chose a different route back, it involved a small trespass but was worth it.

I passed the old farmstead of High Stoneythwaite, a very isolated place indeed. No vehicle access to this one...quad only!
Another great day, superb weather, 4 more Synge's bagged....I did question my sanity on the ascent of Wallowbarrow Heald though!


  1. Great stuff. My favourite area. We will be there in Feb. Can’t wait.

    1. I thought you'd like that Alan...whatever you chose to do, don't ascend Wallowbarrown Heald the way I did!! Hope you get similar weather as I did when you're up there. The photos don't really do it justice.
      Cheers Alistair

  2. I have done that route up Wallowbarrow. There is vehicular access to High Stonethwaite but you have to approach from Birks via the forestry road through Grassguards. It’s best in a 4 x 4 but it is driven regularly.

    1. Yep, all good from High Stonethwaite on the way back down...and along the Grassguards track going up. It was only when I left the track at SD222972 that the tough going started...I should have paid more attention to the previous ascendants on the Hillbagging site!!