Thursday 24 January 2019

Mopping Up

A tidying up sort of day today. Bagging Synge's in the Northeastern corner of the Lakes. I've not got  many left  to tick now, so my thoughts are turning to whats next as I thrash across the pathless terrain on many of these walks. There was a scattering of snow as I left home, rather more when I parked at High Row above Dockray.
Below is a selection of photos from the day.....

First top was Matterdale Common (the high point in this image), There were several people setting off ski touring as I walked along the Old Coach Road.

The path beside Groove Beck made for easy progress, with a sort ascent to the top of Matterdale Common. The cloud was starting to disperse revealing Blencathra and closer to hand Wolf Crags.
 I returned to the car the same way, I was surprised how much snow/ice had gone from the lane back to the A5091

Next on the agenda was Loftshaw Hill, the ascent of which requires a trespass. All I'll say is I parked on the old A66. Blencathra, Scales Fell and Souther Fell formed a great panorama to the West.

Hard to tell exactly where the actual summit was on Loftshaw Hill, probably one of the molehills in the foreground from what I could tell!

This is the summit of Greenah Crag my next Synge of the day, again a trespass is required to visit the top. So I'll leave my description at that, it was rather an uninspiring walk to get here anyway.

This wall corner is top of Hutton Roof, surely the easiest Synge to bag? Only 200m from the road on a public footpath kind of behind someones house!
A great view of Carrock Fell though, and there on the shoulder of High Pike was West Fell my last Synge of the day. 

A short drive from Hutton Roof and I parked at Calebreck. There are many paths heading in the general direction of High Pike and West Fell, I chose to head across to pick up the path above Carrock Beck. Leaving it when South of the summit of West Fell, I made a beeline North picking up the path in the image. the cloud was just skimming the summit of High Pike.

This is the top of West Fell, or at least somewhere round here!
Carrock Fell is in the background.
The wind was bitter, and with no shelter I quickly turned and made as straighta route as possible back to the car. The terrain is generally easy going on these slopes...just the old mine stopes to be wary of!!...Only joking they are further West!
So another area cleared, and other than Greenah Crag a very enjoyable day.

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