Thursday 10 January 2019

The Swirls

A considerably easier day, and a massive change in the weather. Gone were the sun and clear skies of yesterday, replaced by a typical tupperware scene (to be fair it did lift a bit later on). We parked in the large layby (where all is free!) North of the United Utilities car park, back along the road and up the forest road. This was signposted the "Squirrel Trail", however none were spotted. We followed the trail which makes a circuit of the hill, actually passing very close to the top. Having got as close as was possible to the summit ( I was thwarted by very dense pine trees within about 2metres away) I'm claiming it anyway!!
The view North from The Swirls...This was another Synge which I may have visited in the dim and distant past, long before the felling of the mature trees hereabouts

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