Thursday 3 January 2019

More Synge Bagging

Just a short walk today above Patterdale/Glenridding. Keldas is the well wooded hill between the two villages and provided us with a pleasant enough stroll under the overcast sky. I may have climbed Keldas many years ago...I know I have been to Lanty Tarn before. Of course I didn't know about Synge's then....Here's a couple of pics from the day

Keldas is a grand viewpoint, here looking more or less west towards Birkhouse Moor, Nethermost and Dollywagon Pikes. 

Shame it was overcast, centre is Sheffield Pike the other side of Glenridding

Lanty Tarn, St. Sunday Crag in the distance.
I'm pretty sure it looks a lot more scenic with a bit of sunshine on it!
Anyway another tick, and one of the few "new" Synge's I've climbed recently with a path to the summit.

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