Wednesday 9 January 2019

Trials, Tribulations....and Trespass!

A busy day with almost as much driving as walking. I headed to the Shap area to start a mopping up operation on unclimbed Synge's in the Far Eastern and Eastern Fells. All of today's hills required a trespass except one. Lots of walls, gates, fences...even walls with fences on top! were climbed during the days activity's. More than once I thought "what the hell are you doing you silly old bugger"...but Hey!!
Here are images of the days efforts, no description of my routes as I wouldn't want to encourage others to follow in my footsteps.

The large rock in the foreground is the high point of In Scar (although the photo suggests otherwise). There was an excellent view Eastwards to the Pennines.

Knotts, this was the odd man out today...access land all the way! In fact I could see the car almost all the way. Just an odd stone or two to mark the summit, grand view across to Heughscar Hill and beyond.

Not very inspiring, but this is the high point of Dacre Bank...I can't recommend this one at all:-(

This is the very rushy top of Brownhow Hill, amazingly it was dry underfoot. Cracking view of Blencathra from this one.

The top of Hagg Hill (Hagg Wood), and total devastation all round...take my word for it walkers/explorers aren't welcome here. I'll spare you the details. Good viewpoint for the lower reaches of Ullswater though

Birk Crag, here we're looking across Ullswater to Hallin Fell, Wether Hill Etc.

The light was fading fast as I nipped up Cockley Moor, although the summit isn't on access land there was at least a forest track to within a few metres of the top. Shame the trees obscure Blencathra.
A productive day, albeit a bit stressful at times. Trying to keep off the skyline, out of sight and generally acting in a furtive manner! God day for wildlife, Stoat in its winter coat of Ermine, a very cross Red Squirrel, and a Roe Deer which stood and watched me eat my lunch for a good 10 mins no more than 20 metres away


  1. The deer was looking at your venison butties. I hope you wore your gillie suit as well.

    1. Haha, cheese and pickle yesterday Alan! It wasn't at all bothered although I did stay as still as poss...except for my jaw of course!