Wednesday 2 January 2019

Continuing my Synge Bagging Exploits

Today's walk was a very inefficient method of bagging Kettle Crag.
I left home with no plan other than to "collect" Kettle Crag above the Great Langdale Valley. Arriving at the head of the valley it was promising to be to good for a simple trot up and down so I set off towards Stool End Farm. I first I thought Oxendale/RedTarn/Pike O'Blisco/ Kettle Crag, but I would have been in the shade up to Red The Band/Three Tarns and the Crinkles it would be...
Heres a few pictures from the day.

Bit of a late start, but there was still a heavy frost on the valley floor

One of the "Three Tarns, and a view towards the Scafell Range with Bowfell Links on the right

From the path along the Crinkles looking at the Langdale Pikes

North..ish from the high point of Crinkle Crags 

Descending to Red Tarn, Pike O'Blisco dominates the view.

Sadly I didn't take a photo of Kettle Crag! My Strava track of the day can be found here .

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