Friday 22 May 2015

TGO Challenge 2015 Day 4 Mon 11th May

Faichimaird to Fort Augustus  15.9km - 267m ascent - 354m descent

I'd slept well again through the stormy night. But during the evening and again in the morning gave alot of thought to my route onwards from here, bearing in mind the poor forecast. I had changed my mind a number of times!! However as the primary reason for the next section of my crossing was to walk over Creag Meagaidh, and that looked unwise. My FWA didn't look to appealing either. So I decided on an easy walk up the Great Glen.

It managed to stay dry long enough to get the tent down in the dry amazingly.

But it wasn't long before the rain came on again...I was grateful for the shelter I was getting from the trees as I followed "The Great Glen Way" North.

There were lots of Primrose's and Violets to brighten the edges of the track.

Bridge of Oich, and the rain was really starting to come on. At least it was on my back :-)

I sheltered at Cullochy Locks with "The Chuckle Brothers"! I think the lockkeeper thought we were mad!

Kytra Lock, there wasn't much boat traffic on the canal... except here today

At Fort Augustus the rain eased off, I had booked a bed at Morags earlier in the morning. It was only about 1.30 when I arrived so called into the "Wee Neuk" for a burger,tea and scone.
I rang Challenge Control to say I'd changed my route and explain what my "new" route would be for tomorrow.It had been an easy day today and, I hoped to be back on my original route by tomorrow evening. Although it would require a long day.


  1. Just catching up with this. Looks like a great first couple of days. The weather was pretty grim for the next three!

    1. Hi Robin, yes the first 2 days were superb! I made the most of them over the Munro's Tops and a Corbett....glad I did knowing what I know now!
      Glad you had an excellent crossing..looking forward to reading your blog reports of the Challenge