Friday 1 May 2015

Great Langdale

We had a stroll in the Great Langdale yesterday, the air had a special clarity you only get on a day of sunshine and showers. The wind was bitter tho! Heres a few photos.....
A classic view of the Langdale Pikes

The light was particularly good at showing off the 5000 year old rock art

Crinkle Crags and Bowfell from the Cumbria Way...and yes the greens really were that green!

Langdale Pikes from the same point


  1. Yes, i must say, The Langdales are very green at the moment. Stunning. Never seen the rock art in all my years of visiting there.

  2. Well worth a look Alan. There are a couple of publications which give info on the "rock art" I'm not giving away any secrets when I tell you the place to look is on the large boulder in the "Classic View" above!
    Good Luck...choose a bright day!