Sunday 24 May 2015

A Few Kentmere and Longsleddle Bridleways on the Fat Bike

Just half a day on the Fat Bike today, and as Kentmere is so handy that's where I headed off to. A great ride  although it was only 16 miles although it felt like 60! and another injury to my left leg :-(

Elf Howe and the start of the offroad

Still lots of Bluebells out

I took the bridleway that runs South of Skeggles Water

This is what happens when a silly old fool tries to bunny hop a drainage ditch...those flat pedals sure are sharp!! Still stinging now! :-((

I rode the bridleways up to Sadgill, and just a short diversion up the Gatesgarth track opened up a grand view of the head of the valley

Stile End then the lesser used bridleway over Cocklaw Fell. I stopped on here for a brew and snack

Skeggles Water from just below the highpoint of the Cocklaw fell track 

The descent is great with the distraction on the view to the North. All the Kentmere fells!

I had a bit of time left so climbed up to Kentmere Park, which enabled me to look back across the valley to Cocklaw Fell (Green Quarter Fell)
Considering it was a Bank Holiday Sunday, I only saw 2 walkers and 4 mountain bikes....great!


  1. That looks like a cracking ride. I'd love to nip up on day and get some solo hill time and that seems an ideal route to get a break from maternity leave :-)

    1. Its a great area, lots of choice...hard or easy...short or long. Best in good weather to get the views. It can get a bit wet under wheel! as well!