Monday 25 May 2015

An Afternoon Stroll to Gaping Gill

Like yesterday I only had half a day to play with. I chose to stay away from the Lakes (a good job, there was a huge queue on the A65 trying to get to the Lakes!). Instead I drove over to the dales, Clapham in fact....

I took Clapdale Lane to avoid the crowds heading for Ingleborough Cave through Clapdale Woods.
Lots of Wild Garlic (Ramsons) along here

and some excellent examples of Bugle

I dropped down to Clapdale and walked past the resurgence at Ingleborough Cave

Further on I walked up Trow Gill, which gives access to the open fell

The winch meet was on at Gaping Gill, folk were queuing up to be lowered into the darkness

I considered going up Ingleborough, but my ankle was grumbling a bit...and anyway the cloud was down.

Instead I varied my outward route by dropping into Clapdale Bottoms, there is a slight ascent to pick up Long Lane....which is very long!

Then I turned onto Thwaite Lane which took me back into Clapham through the two tunnels.
The weather improved as I was out, in fact it was even better when I got home less than 20 miles away

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