Saturday, 16 May 2015

Back Early From the 2015 TGO Challenge :-(

Sadly I returned home early from the 2015 yesterday. I had to visit the Doctors in Aviemore on Thursday, my first visit to a docs for over 20 years!  He diagnosed a soft tissue infection in my lower left leg, the remedy....a course of antibiotics and at least 48hrs rest. Preferably with my leg elevated! His exact words.."it'll never get better unless you rest, and take your weight off it". I had put the pain off as long as I could, thinking at first that I was suffering "shin splints" and then a "sprain"...I never considered an infection!
I had enjoyed my 7days immensely, even the deluges! Enjoying Knoydart at it's very best. I managed to summit 6 Munro's, 2 Munro tops and a Corbett. Things were going well and was on target when I regretfully had to withdraw from the event...But there'll be other years.
I shall publish some diary posts over the next few days....


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    1. Yep just bad luck. no bite as far as the doc or me could see. He thought poss a nick/crack/graze in the skin..maybe something in the water in a burn crossing was all he could come up with.

  2. Bad luck Al, look forward to the reports

    1. we can all do without that kind of luck Paul as you know with your heel :-(
      That was my first visit to a doctor for over 20 years!
      I feel I've got some cracking pics...others may disagree! :-))

  3. Hope the leg's well on the mend now, and looking foward to reading how Mallaig to Aviemore went.

    1. Thanks Gayle, I've ventured out today...a walk along Grange-over-Sands prom! Felt like a really old person!!
      The swelling is going down now as the antibiotics take effect.
      It was a great shame, I was having a great time.
      You've certainly kept yourself busy Marilyn bagging while Mick has been on the Challenge
      I'll be posting a few reports and pictures over the next few days.

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    1. Thanks Alan...I'm a bit more philosophical about it now. I was able to have a short walk yesterday and it feels better again today.
      Just a shame there's only 1 challenge a year...its a long wait for the next one!