Thursday 5 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 8 Sat 17th May

Derry Lodge to Braemar  14.8km - 208m ascent - 288m descent
An easy day today as I ambled down Glen Lui then Glen Dee to Braemar. The weather behaved it's self remaining dry until I got to the SYHA....perfect.

Early morning sun on the tent at Derry Lodge, another box ticked. I've been this way many times before but never camped...I have now. :-)

Bob Scotts bothy, this place always feels special to me. Emma Warbrick and Fred Campbell were just about to leave, we walked and chatted together down Glen Lui.

Emma and Freddie near Bob Scotts

Me near Bob Scotts, taken by Freddie...his fee must have been the £1 I found in the grass, which he thought must have been his?!

This is the track to Claybokie from Glen Lui, very pleasent through here.

A couple of mugs of tea were very welcome at Mar Lodge. I think it's Jayme in the photo.
(Please correct me if I'm wrong!)

Inside the Great Hall at Mar Lodge, some folk find this macabre. I only found it fascinating, I hope that doesn't offend anyone.

Mar Lodge...we're very good at this type of thing, us Brits!

I walked on the road for a while, before testing my navigation in the dense pine plantation which leads to the Morrone was worth it though!

Braemar..and civilisation, a day early!

My home for the next 2 nights Braemar SYHA. The warden's here are some of the best I've encountered.

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