Sunday 1 June 2014

A Superb Night on Wetherlam

 A short notice overnight trip on Wetherlam with  Ian ( ) It was a great trip. I'll let the pictures do the talking!!

So green compared to Scotland recently!

Ian checking out a water supply.

A great place to camp on Ladstone Edge, Wetherlam.

Last of the evening sun lighting up Ambleside and the head of Windermere

Sunrise from Ladstone, the light had a milky appearance early on.

The lower Yewdale fells weathed in the start of an inversion

Sun starting to hit the tents

Sunrise really getting good.

The sea of mist washing up against Wetherlam

Whilst the other side of the ridge Coniston Old Man had its feet in the mist.

As we climbed the ridge to the summit the mist started to wash over the ridge.

There had been other high level backpackers...ther were 3 Akto's further up the ridge.

And to the North the Langdale Pikes were visable above the inversion

We then climbed Swirl How and skirted Brim Fell and The Old Man before we dropped out of the cloud to Goatswater. Dow Crag looked impressive from the tarn.

We dropped down to Tranearth and then Torver.

We then used the old railway and then the lakeshore path back to the car in Coniston.
The Lakes at their best!!


  1. at there best indeed, there's something magic about being above the inversion
    cheers Danny

  2. Absolutely fantastic. How lucky to get 2 great days.

    1. It was really only a day and a half....I was at work until 5pm on Saturday:-( I am vey lucky to live so close to the Lakes and Dales. If I take my gear to work in the car I can make a last minute decision to go.
      The conditions were perfect tho!

  3. Great photos Al. I must get round to camping up there, I can see it from my kitchen window!

  4. My favourite mountain...I can see it from my bedroom!
    How lucky are we!?
    Thats a cracking spot, the water from the tarn was fine to drink (filtered)...I can't ever remember it drying up, some of the smaller dubs round it do tho'