Tuesday 10 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 11 Mon 20th May

Glen Doll to Tarfside  32.6km - 1012m ascent - 1263m descent
The weather today was superb, I was looking forward to the day immensely. I'd been in Glen's Clova and Doll before, but none of the hill tracks other than a couple of 100m. Looking at the stats above I find them hard to believe...the day felt so easy.

This was such a great wildcamp I have no hesitation in putting it up again.
Here I'm almost all packed, I was walking just after 7am, keen to get a few miles in before it got really warm.

It was lovely and cool under the trees as I walked down Glen Doll, the early light streaming in thro' the trees.

I stopped at the carpark/picnic area at Acharn, used the loo and had a second breakfast.

The road down to Clova passed soon enough, then the good path took me up above the Glen.

Loch Brandy....and isn't it just magnificent? Another tick on my list of Challenge objectives!

A short pull up from Loch Brandy brings you to Green Hill, and an excellent view to the Lochnager group.
I'd left it open in my own mind as to wether I would climb Ben Tirran, the weather was so good it would have been rude not to!

I had this beast for company as I made my way over to Tirran...what an abomination :-(

The summit of Ben Tirran, a Corbett. I don't actively collect Corbetts but this was too easy to miss.

The first glimpse of Loch Lee, there were a few drops of rain here...nothing to speak of really though.

Looking back to Inchgrundle and the hills I'd just crossed. I had the realization that this was the last of the proper hill country for me on this Challenge.

I've never been in Glen Esk, and was pleasantly surprised. This section from Loch Lee to the start of the tarmac at Invermark was very nice.

The Tower of Invermark Castle..a Challenge blog of this valley wouldn't be complete without a photo!

I left the tarmac to pass by Westbank on the well worn Challenger route.
The view from here down Glen Esk particularly grand.

And so to Tarfside...lots of space here for folk to spread out.
Another great day on the Challenge, although it was the last of the hills.


  1. I've just caught up with your exploits, Al.
    Some wonderful days packed in, Sir!
    Your day over the Moine Mhor looked fabulous.
    I'm really enjoying your trip.

    1. I'm glad your enjoying it Alan, I saw you and your companions resting in the old churchyard at Kirkton...it was very hot!!
      Yep the day on Cairn Toul et al was one of the best mountain days I've had in Scotland in over 40 years...I know I don't look old enough!! :-)
      Thanks again.