Thursday 12 June 2014

Overnite Camp on Silver How

My pattern of work means I rarely get 2 days off together. Therefore many of my trips are just snatched, one night in the hills, fortunately I live and work very close to both the Lakes and Dales! So with the forecast looking good for Wednesday evening/night I drove straight up to Rydal and was walking for 6pm.

The objective was Silver How (clues in the title!), but to make more of the trip I walked from Rydal.
Initially along the old Coffin Road, then down into and through Grasmere....which was remarkably quiet.

Up past Allen Bank, and then out onto the open fell above the intake walls.
Lion and the Lamb (Helm Crag) on the left and Seat Sandal on the right.

A bit higher up, and with 3 litres of water picked up (that makes your pack feel heavy!) the view opens up.
Everything does look very green at this time of year in the Ian pointed out on Twitter last night!

I knew there was plenty of places to camp near the summit so went there first. Grasmere and Rydal Water were catching the evening sun. I descended a little to the North and found a good spotto pitch the tent.

This was the view to the South from just behind the tent, Wetherlam prominent.

Whilst to the West the Langdale Pikes dominate the scene.
 Anyone know what the correct name for the "rainbowy" thing is? I've seen it before but.....

The sun set behind the bulk of High Raise, and so it was time for bed...said Zebedee!

It would have been nice to wake up to a wonderful sunrise, but I was enveloped in dense low cloud. Which persisted until I dropped down to Redbank.
I then walked back to the car Via Loughrigg Terrace.
I saw 1 person from Grasmere the previous evening until I got back to the car, thats the way to avoid the crowds and have the hills to your self.


  1. Replies
    1. I wondered that, but it wasn't foggy so.....

  2. Nice report - Silver How is a superb place for an overnighter.

    As for the rainbowy thing, have a look at and - you should find your answer there. I'd say it was a sundog.

    1. I would say thats the closest thing so far...Sundog, I like that!

  3. Replies
    1. Indeed it is David, theres no shortage of good pitches up there. Handy for me for an overnite trip after I finish work in Kendal at 5pm...not worth me going 9 miles home the other way.