Friday 13 June 2014

TGO Challenge Day 12 Tues 21th May

Tarfside to Northwater Bridge  26.9km - 209m ascent - 377m descent
Today provided the "prettiest" part of my Challenge. It was actually going to be my foul weather alternative when I submitted my route, but I'd left things open in my own mind. A mention here for @akkw1803 who gave me the location of the "new bridge" Thanks Andrew! I was fortunate to have the company of Peter Dixon@munro277  Lee Taylor@Leerockwell15 and Matt Holland@OutdoorsMH.

Leaving Tarfside....

For a second breakfast at the "Retreat", and very good it was too!

We waded the North Esk to gain the track on the other side.

After which we passed through Keenie and then walked above the river on what appeared to be a new bulldozed track.

Having descended back to the riverside we followed the track, which eventually led us to the "new bridge". This gave us access to the path to "The Rocks of Solitude" 

The path, carved out of the rock twists and turns above the river, the picture doesn't do any justice!

Here lower down the valley the river widens once more and tumbles over these low rapids.

The fresh leaved Beech trees gave welcome sdade on what was turning out to be a hot day.

A map of the walk...highly recommended!

The Blue Door Walk...Great!!

Once across the B966 the river can still be followed almost into Edzell. Arable crops on our righthand side.

Another Challenge institution "The Tuck Inn" we did!

It was road for much of the way from Edzell to Northwater Bridge. Its a very long, straight road, here we look back.....

.....and here we look onward! :-(

Eventually we arrived at Northwater soon filled up with Challengers. A tentspotters delight!
This had been a much better day than expected, the North Esk was a grand riverside stroll.


  1. It is a cracking way to get to Edzell isn't it.
    Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. It certainly is.....Thanks very much for showing me where the "new Bridge" was, when we were at Tarfside. Cheers :-))