Sunday 29 June 2014

Rough Stuff Fellowship ride over Walna Scar

Todays ride over Walna Scar started at.....Bouth. Yep, Bouth! No parking at the start of the trail for us guys. We had 2 valleys to cross before we even set foot (wheel) on the target track. Heres a few pictures of our day....

Eileen approaching Colton Church at the end of ourfist track of the day.

The St. Johns Box at Lowick....We should have got some gear out of here if we knew what would happen later!!

The Coniston Fells from the start of the bridleway to Thang Moss and Torver.

Nick crossing one of the shallow fords on this section of track.

Coffee stop at the pub in Torver. Fortifying ourselves for the climb up past Tranearth to Walna Scar.

Some would say this is where all the Inbreds are born!

Gratuitous picture of my On One Inbred 29er on the top of Walna Scar.

fter the descent towards Dunnerdale we branched off to pick up the singletrack which leads over to the Lickle Valley. Here from the old slate quarries there is an excellent view of the Scafells and Harter Fell.

It was all going so well...Ian here having just ridden some quite technical sections........

....only to come to grief on a very simple section of trail. Here he's elevating his hand in an effort to stop the bleeding from what appeared to be a broken finger!
He's Northern tho' and a tough old bugger so after walking a short way he was soon back riding!

We did decide to stick to the tarmac for the return to the cars at Bouth. A route which was nothing if not "lumpy". We arrived back at about 7pm (I think?), a great ride in superb weather.


  1. A long day in the saddle! Hope Ian's finger's ok. Cracking views up there. Kudos

    1. Hi Georgie...Yes its a really good trip, probably better done from a closer starting point!