Tuesday 1 January 2013

Out with the Old in with the New

Bye-Bye Pitch Pro.......
.........Hello Inbred.
Sorry about the rubbish photo, rain on lens!
New Year, new bike. I've been building the On One Inbred over the past couple of months, having travelled to the On One HQ back in August to select the frame. The Inbred is steel, and is a 29er, the spec I came up with includes "dirt-drop" handlebars! Not something you see everyday on an offroad bike. It rides brilliantly! (But as I built it, I would say that wouldn't I)
And the reason for this change, well the Pitch Pro can descend like a demon, but it's a bit of a drag on the climbs. The other thing....well I'm getting on a bit, and the faster you go the bigger the accident when it happens.

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