Sunday 20 January 2013

RSF ride to Dent

We met today in the square in Kirkby Lonsdale, six of us today. A cold ride expected under what looked like snowladen skies. We all expected a cold ride! After Cake/Toasted Teacake and Tea/Coffee we rode up through Old Town across the western slopes of the Lune valley.
Frozen track near Rigmaden
Crossing the Lune we took bridleways and narrow lanes past Middleton Hall. One of these had alot of ice and claimed yours truly, I went down like a ton of bricks! No real harm done thankfully.
Simeon on the Low Lane near Middleton
A short bridleway from near Holme Farm took us over into Dentdale. Chris had a puncture here, not what you need in the freezing conditions today.
Onto the open fell, Howgills in the background
All the cafes were shut in Dent, so we had lunch in the shelter adjacent to the main car park. The group split at this point, Simeon and John went back by road. The rest of us walked up Flintergill to meet the Occupation Road.
Chris at the top of Flintergill
The Occupation Road would normally be an easy ride, but today there was no time to admire the view, the track was very icy. The concentration and adrenaline certainly warmed us up
Onto the Occupation Road above Dent, Howgills again in the background
Once at the Barbondale road we made rapid progress down Barbondale, leaving the tarmac to ride the bridleway below Barbon Manor. We still had an appetite for another short bridleway on the edge of Barbon village before riding back to Kirkby Lonsdale on quiet lanes arriving back at 3pm.


  1. We had a weekend of riding up in the Lakes. It certainly takes full concentration and adjusting your body weight minutely at every peddle push with the ice and compacted snow. Great fun tho. I was pleased that the roads were fine and that any treacherous bits were the slow off road parts.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your tour in the Lakes. The snow and ice add an extra dimension! Strangely I fell off on the tarmac/ice, managing to stay upright offroad. Happy Pedalling!

  3. That's looks to have been a chilly ride. Why is is it that you never have punctures on warm sunny days or when the wheels are not chossed up with cow poo? I've walked up Flintergill - it's the only way to do it :)

  4. Hi Tony, downhill is ok when its not frozen! Down Flintergill on Sunday would have been a rapid route to A+E! I fell off on ice on the road!!