Sunday 13 January 2013

RSF ride to Arnside and Silverdale

Lancaster Canal at Longlands
A local Rough Stuff ride for me, so I rode down to Carnforth to the Refreshment Rooms to meet the rest of the group. The sun had been up but snow was forecast, the initial ride along the canal brought us to New England. We crossed the narrow bridge and followed the frozen lane to Borwick. Kirkgate Lane led us over towards Priest Hutton, then some road work brought us to Hilderstone. (I was nearly back home by now!)
John and Ian deciding if they should continue!
They did wet feet were the result.
The rest of us retreated!
This lane could only be descibed as "moist", some of us turned round and went round by road to Hale. Several more bridleways were ridden near Hale, before a bit more road brought us to Dollywood Lane near Leighton Beck.
Simeon on Dollywood Lane
Lunch was eaten at Arnside, as the snow finally started. A stiff climb over Arnside Knott was followed by some more tarmac to the RSPB cafe at Leighton Moss. he snow/sleet was heavier as we left to climb over the bridleway from near Crag Foot to cross Warton Crag.
Ian and John on Warton Crag.
(A poor pic, taken in the snow)
Here I said my goodbyes as I headed through the quiet lanes to Yealand and home the snow making for an interesting few miles back to Holme


  1. Just found your blog Al. I haven't been to the Lakes for 10+ years so the pics are great to see. The on-one looks excellent for getting out on the trails. I'm following.

  2. Hi Peter, thanks for following, I hope you find something on here of interest.
    We're very lucky with the natural trails here with the Lakes and Dales to choose from.
    The On One Inbred 29er is great so far (Jan 1st was its maiden ride!) The Midge Dirtdrops an unusual twist, prob just me being contrary.