Thursday 3 January 2013

Mosedale Cottage

Back down Swindale from Swindale Head

Today I was out with Ian, we parked near the foot of Swindale, the weather was much better than the forecast, there was even some sun! The metalled road makes for quick progress and gives the chance to look round, no need to watch your feet here. After Swindale head the bridleway leads across a natural causeway to avoid the boggy morass that is Dodd Bottom. As the ground steepens the bridleway becomes less obvious and alot wetter.We could hear the falls above the wind a few hundred metres to the east until the angle eases and the path contours above Mosedale Beck. I'd like to tell you that the path dries up from here....but it doesn't, if anything its worse!
North from the bridge
As neither of us had been this way for years we went and had a look at the bridge marked on the map were the two bridleways meet, before continuing the last kilometre or so to the Cottage.
Approaching Mosedale Cottage
The cottage was in good order, although a feeling of damp and cold pervaded. It didn't seem to have changed since we stopped here probably 10 years ago. It provided shelter for us to have lunch and brew up, luckily as the cloud had dropped and a heavy drizzle had set in.
Would have been nice if the stove was lit!
Would also be nice if the folk who struggle in with bottles of
Champagne could manage to carry the empty's back out!
I had a read of the "Bothy Book" most folks handwritting was appalling! Once we'd eaten up, the drizzle had eased and we retraced our steps back to the bridge, then followed the beck all the way to the bottom of Forces Falls. Then back to the tarmac lane which led back to the car. A great walk, no one seen except a couple of drystone wallers and the farmer in the distance on his quad.

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