Sunday 30 December 2012

A stroll from Skelwith Bridge

Fresh snow on Langdale Pikes, but the valley paths were a quagmire.
At least there was a bit of shelter from the gales
Loughrigg Tarn its surface showing the effect of the wind
And so my outdoor year ends much as it began, a wild overcast day. Much of the year has been like that here in the Lakes, lets hope for rather better conditions in 2013.


  1. I hope for better weather too - made a resolution to do at least one weekend cycling trip a month. Hard to plan ahead with this weather tho. Aiming for a 300+mile trip in summer - but no idea which month to pick!!
    Very best wishes for all 2013's outdoor adventures

  2. Thanks Georgie, it's certainly been a wet un! Although I can't complain really, two weeks on the bike in France mainly dry and a week munro-bagging dry as well. Have a great 2013, I hope all your plans come to fruition.