Sunday 16 December 2012

RSF ride to Dandra Garth

The Three Amigo's! 
Todays ride started at the Duo Cafe in Sedbergh, five of us set off with our new leader for the day Ian. We rode a short way along the Garsdale road before turning left to cross the Clough river near Farfield Mill, minor lanes led us, (after a bit of indecision!) onto the first bit of "roughstuff" at Dovecote Gill. The ground was very wet leading to a lot of pushing.
Pushing up from Dovecote Gill
As the track levelled out we were able to ride a bit more, before descending to the main road in the valley bottom. Rapid progress was made eastwards up Garsdale to the start of the track at Dandra Garth.
Pushing up Dandra Garth
This track is very steep, and wet, and overgrown! Basically a push!! The top always arrives eventually, and Dandra Garth was no exception, and its marshy, very marshy! Fortunately for us some of the worst bits have been bridged.
Even the top was a push!
The walled track down to Cowgill in Dentdale was a push to start but soon became ridable, however pride becomes before a fall, and it wasn't long before an over-the-handlebar moment occcured. With my catlike reactions I was back on my feet instantly, mainly because I was getting bloody wet! A quick lunch stop before we completed the descent, the minor road on the south side of Dentdale brought us into dent village and our afternoon cake stop. Cake and coffee/tea consumed we rode back to Sedbergh on the road the short daylight hours curtailing our activities. So the verdict on our leader for the day......Well, Ian did a good job I knew from previous experience that Dandra Garth would be a tough track especially for those like myself on road tyres.

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