Sunday 9 December 2012

Green Quarter Fell

Kentmere Horseshoe from Green Quarter Fell
Only half a day to spare again today. So a quick drive up to Kentmere, I was lucky to find a parking spot near Longhouses. The bridleway gave access to Nuttera Beck which I followed steeply, eventually picking up another bridleway. At the highpoint I set off across the pathless ground, thankfully still frozen in the main, after the crossing of a low wall the view of the Kentmere Horseshoe appeared. The breeze was also getting up, a lazy wind right out of the Northwest. A thin thread of a path appeared for the last couple of hundred metres to the top of Hollow Moor (Wainwright called it Green Quarter Fell), it's a Wainwright Outlier for those who like that type of thing. There is an old slate straining post which gave some foreground interest for the summit photo. A bit of a track leads down across poor land to the path down to Green Quarter Farm. All that remained was a short bit of tarmac back to the car. No other humans were seen during the walk, everyone was probably up on the Horseshoe!

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