Thursday 6 December 2012

Dalesway from Staveley

River Kent from the Daleway
So today the snow came, there wasn't any at Home (Holme) but a dozen miles up the road at Staveley the snow was settling nicely. The forecast was for the snow to turn to sleet and then rain. So a prompt start from Barley Bridge at the foot of Kentmere, we headed south beside the River Kent then through the village to pick up the Dalesway. We followed the trail as far as Hagg Foot, the sleet had arrived as we turned to head back. More field paths led back to the car the sleet had changed to rain, the snow on the ground was really slushy. I had found the limitations of my ancient unlined leather Scarpa boots! I had a pair of soggy socks, thankfully these conditions are not that prevelent! It was two wet walkers who arrived back at Barley Bridge.


  1. I know the pleasures of soggy socks well - all my boots seriously leak. I have a few hills around Staveley to do....

  2. nothing like slushy snow to find the weak points in yer boots. The low fells round Staveley provide some good walks when the higher fells are shrouded in mist.