Wednesday 15 January 2020

Tarn Crag & Grey Crag from Sadgill

I slept in this morning...the forecast was for winds up to 70mph on the Lakes summits. So I felt that a walk above 2000' wouldn't be that enjoyable! The forecast sunshine wasn't that evident either. I hadn't anything planned as I ate breakfast, but thought that perhaps the hills to the East of Sadgill might be a suitable target for a wild day...

Looking up Longsleddle towards Buckbarrow Crag.

Out on the open fell, and a look back to Wrengill Quarry, a light covering of snow on the back of Harter Fell.

I was roundabout the 600m mark here...windy as hell!...and the fellside was extremely wet...good job I don't mind wet feet!

It wasn't far to the summit of Tarn Crag...again the cairn didn't feel like the highest point. I jogged over the other bumps to make sure. 

This is one of the sighting towers built to help with construction of the Haweswater Aquaduct, there are a few others on these fells.

Between Tarn Crag and Grey Crag lies Greycrag Tarn...morass would be a better name..abandon all hope of dry feet at the moment across here. I was soon at the summit of Grey Crag, seen here. It was all I could do to stand up in the wind.
From here it was a great run down to the track in the valley bottom, and a short jog back to the car.
My Strava route and stats can be found here 

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