Friday 3 January 2020

A Few Hills West of Kirkstone Pass

Unusual for me to be off work on a Friday, but today was a lieu day from last week. The forecast was for a good day...maybe a bit windy and worsening as the afternoon wore on. I got parked just South of the Brotherswater Inn. This was my second choice, I tried to park at chance! Bloody Tourists!! No matter West of Kirkstone rather than East of Kirkstone it would be.
The ground was wet underfoot as I headed across to the bridge over Kirkstone Beck...there then follows a slope of unremitting steepness until you get above the broken wall. the veiws were improving though....

Well and truly in the shade at this point and with plenty of steep climbing to go.
Place Fell is the bulky hill beyond Brotherswater, and the twin knobbles of Angletarn Pikes to its right.

I persevered with the climb and soon reached the first summit of the day Middle Dodd.
Helvellyn seen beyond the ridge of St Sunday Crag in the distance.

The trig on Red Screes...and a tiny patch of snow. You can't tell from this photo, but I'd guess there was maybe 30 folk up here...I didn't linger picture snapped I turned and jogged down the path to the head of Scandale...this seemed further than I remembered. 

A short ascent from the col and I was soon on the summit of Little Hart Crag.
Dove Crag is the prominent rock face on the left of the image. It was in theory all downhill from here.

Before I started my descent I turned to look down Scandale and Scandale Tarn. The weather looked like it would remain good for the rest of my trip.

The summit of High Hartsop Dodd. It had been an easy jog down to here...the ground lovely and soft. It looks from here as though Brotherswater and the valley bottom is just over the brow, if only!
It's a knee jarring descent to the valley floor from here. It was a simple walk back through Sykeside to arrive back at the car.
The Strava track can be found here another 3 2000er's ticked off.

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