Wednesday 1 January 2020

New Year...New Goals!

A New Year, and as the title suggests...New Goals...and not of the football variety! Firstly a bit of a history lesson. Back in the 70's the writer and Guardian diarist A. Harry Griffin wrote a book called "Freeman of the Hills" (I hope I have the correct volume!). This contained an account of the author's ascent/summit of the 2000' hills in the Lake District within 1 year after his retirement I believe.
I was lucky enough to met Mr Griffin on a few occasions and indeed Mr Wainwright...I had always thought that the 2000' Wainwright's in a year would be a suitable goal for myself once I was into my 60's, although not retired.
Back in the day I was a serial Wainwright completer. I've tended to do other things over the last couple of decades...7 rounds was enough...well of many of the smaller hills anyway.
I have of course climbed many of the Lakes hills since then, some many times as fervent readers of this blog will have seen.
This is not the only goal I have set myself...others will become apparent as the year goes on.
I'm conscious I'm going on a bit and it all seems about is MY blog though!
But today I made a start on the 2000ers....not many photos the weather wasn't the best.

As I set off into a stiff, cold wind up Gatesgarth Pass I could see that the weather was rather better. 

The unusual trig on Branstree, I don't think it's on the highest point. There was no view...I couldn't even see the fence which must be less than 50m away.
I trotted off  towards Selside Pike using the fence as a handy guide...still in the low cloud.

The fence and wide, but wet path led me to the large cairn on Selside Pike. Once again not the highest point to me. i stowed my poles and set off down to meet the Old Corpse Road.

I was below the cloud once on the Old Corpse Road so stopped to snatch this image of the old huts below Brown Howe.
I was soon back on the road, and with some energy left jogged back to the car at Mardale Head.
The stats and details of my route can be found here 

So that's 2 down only 125 to visit! 

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