Sunday 19 January 2020

2000'er's East of Kirkstone

Not a particularly late start (makes a change!) but parking was to say the least problematical....for the hills I had in mind the Hartsop area would have been best. Not a hope in hell anywhere near, cars were parked/abandoned everywhere including dangerously...some people need their arses punched.
I managed to park (sensibly and without inconveniencing others) at Bridge End. So just a 2 mileish walk each way to the bottom of Pasture Beck. Some pics of the day follow....

Grey Crag and Hayeswater Gill from part way up the brutish Northwest ridge of Hartsop Dodd

Further up the ridge, and a superb view today of the snowcapped Helvellyn range.

This is the summit cairn of Hartsop Dodd, not the highest point to my eyes (this is becoming a habit!) Cloud drifting in over Hart and Dove Crags

This was the high point IMHO of course. Thornthwaite Crag in the distance, 2 climbs and a descent before I get there.

It's an easy stretch from Hartsop Dodd to Caudale Moor. There were quite a few folk about here, and on the descent to Thresthwaite Cove.

The cloud was spilling in from the West as I started the descent.
A distant Windermere is glinting in the sun.

It's always a drag from Thresthwaite Cove up to Thornthwaite Crag and today was no different.
I was glad to see the impressive tower. No view from the top though, it was just catching the cloud.

I soon dropped out of the cloud as I ran down the ridge towards Grey Crag.

This was on the high point, the top of Grey Crag. Knott, Rampsgill Head, High Raise and Kidsty Pike across Hayeswater (unseen from here)

A run down from Grey Crag and I was soon beside Hayeswater Gill. The weather had bucked up a bit and provided a great view up Pasture Beck to Thresthwaite Cove.
All I had to do from here was trot back to the Strava track and stats can be found here should anyone wish to see my route.

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