Thursday 15 August 2013

Swindale Common

I parked today beside the minor road to Tailbert. The vague and rough track snaked away from the tarmac in the general direction of the mist covered Seat Robert, the first hill on todays agenda. The sign saying "abandon hope all ye who pass here" seemed to have disappeared!

About 2k done and Seat Robert is just appearing out of the mist, dry feet just a long forgotten memory!

The summit of Seat Robert, sadly no view, but a fair bit of "furniture", including an unusual OS station.

After  another 1.5k or so of very wet, untracked terrain the reward is the small cairn atop High Wether Howe. 

The mist and drizzle eased here to reveal  Mosedale and in the distance Mosedale Cottage.

As I looked back east the next top of Glede Howe looked relatively close, but a beeline would have been even wetter underfoot than the circuitous route I took.

Glede Howe, looking back at Seat Robert climbed earlier.

An old path led down into Swindale beside Gouthercrag Gill, then a well graded bridleway  provided the route back to the car.
My sanity had been doubted at times today but it was almost all new terrain, which is always good. I can't promise I'll be back in the near future though!


  1. I'm glad it cleared up for you. All that area is great because of the lack of people.

  2. Hi Alan,
    Yep didn't see a soul until I dropped into Swindale, then there were a couple of workmen with a drilling rig near the water removal weir!
    A good area to stride out, Didn' cross any fences or walls even.
    I've got the Crookdale horseshoe to tackle at some point...I can't believe I haven't walked it when I've lived so close for so long. Thats the good thing about tick lists!