Sunday 18 August 2013

Roughstuff Fellowship ride to Crosby Garrett

Our ride started at Tebay, but "The Old School Tearoom" didn't open until 10.30! So we rode round to Orton via Gaisgill to "Silver Yard" tearoom and took our "pre-ride" brew there instead.

The first off road of the day was the bridleway leading out of the north end of Orton leading towards Scar Side, it was as you can see a bit wet! It had after all rained almost all the daylight hours yesterday.

There are still alot of Buttercups, (its been a good year for them you know!) These are to the West of Street Lane.

Its a stiff climb up onto Orton Scar, although this photo doesn't really show that.

Once over the high point of the bridleway, the track enters the Great Asby Scar nature reserve. Lots of ferns, flowers and limestone pavement through here, all really rather pleasent.

Here we are regrouping as we leave the nature reserve and enter  open farmland again.

Once back on the tarmac at Whygill Head minor lanes led to Crosby Garrett.

From Crosby Garrett we took the track over Crosby Garrett Fell, easy going except for the strong headwind. We then dropped down towards Newbiggin with an afternoon brew on our minds

So with the brewstop almost in sight....Ian got a puncture! Some of the party continued to the cafe in Newbiggin, Ian and I caught up once the tube had been changed, and the tube had been changed!! (Thats not a typo!)

Coffee drunk, and the group all together again we rode the old road back to Tebay via Rigg End, Kelleth and Gaisgill. There were grand views across the valley to the Howgill Fells.

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