Sunday 11 August 2013

Overnight camp at Measand Beck

I was working again on Saturday, as usual! Well until 5 anyway!  However I'd got all my gear together for a quick get-a-way and managed to get parked at Burnbanks below the Haweswater dam just after 6pm. The forecast wasn't great, I knew roughly where I planned to camp, under a couple of miles away.

Now thats a proper sign, a sign with character.  More importantly a sign with promise.

Climbing beside Measand Beck, which you can hear crashing down the falls, but from the path you see very little.

The path levels out as you enter the hanging valley of Fordingdale. The sun was casting long shadows, I retraced my steps to a good pitch on a grassy ledge overlooking Haweswater.

The spot I'd seen earlier, just catching the last of the sun. 

Tent up, and part of the reason for the trip, to try my new Fly Creek UL.

Room with a view, looking East over Haweswater to the distant Pennines.

Early morning light on the bridge below Measand End.

My plan for the morning was to bag a couple of neede Birketts. The head of Mardale revealed as height was gained.

The breeze was bring sharp showers with it.....rainbow weather!

Another shower as I got to the top of Four Stones Hill. It wasn't far from here back to the car, the bracken's pretty high hereabouts mind!


  1. Pleasant area for a quick jaunt that. Like the rainbow pic. Hope you enjoyed checking out your UL tent.

    1. Hi Alan, very quiet..never saw anyone after I left car until I got back. United Utilities say NO Wild Camping!! Now there's a red rag to a bull!
      Showers were very light, thankfully. Good parking at Burnbanks, Free as well!
      I'm keen to try inner pitching again, after almost 15 years of Akto then Laser...I'll post my thoughts after its had a good few outings, initial thoughts are very positive.

    2. The main thing is to be a responsible wild camper, pitch as high as possible and leave no trace. I usually think these signs of no wild camping is aimed at the “Groups” that tend to frequent reservoirs and light fires, leave litter, barbecues, loads of cans and other things without consideration that it is drinking water.

    3. You're right there on all points Alan. As usual, the minority spoil things for the majority.

  2. Lovely spot for an overnighter!

    1. Hi Howellsey, The original plan was to camp higher up, I walked past it, then retraced my steps, it was to good not to use!
      Once you're off the C-2-C route the area is rarely visited, worth a bit of anyones time.