Thursday 22 August 2013

Norber from Clapham

This is a favourite walk, (or variations on it!) Although it seems some little while since I've done it. No summits were conquered today, just lots of big sky views under the un-forecasted sun.

Looking up Clapdale to Ingleborough from Thwaite Lane

One of the lower deposited Norber boulders below Robin Procter Scar

One of the best examples of the Norber boulders, left by the glaciers to perch on their eroded limestone plinths. This is looking East to Moughton Scar.

Another boulder, probably split by forst over the years, the cultivated valley of Wharfe in the middle distance

Pen-y gent across the limestone pavements of Thwaite and Moughton. 

We then descended into Clapdale to make our return down Long Lane. Little Ingleborough, Ingleborough and  Simon Fell filling the view.

The shade of the trees was most welcome as we made the final descent into Clapham.
A splendid afternoons walk.


  1. This walk is a particular favourite of mine. I adore the evening light on Robin Proctor Scar as I make my way to the pub in Austwick with the sun setting over the Forest of Bowland.

    Looks like you had a lovely day.

  2. Its grand! And I see from you're blog you've been here and hereabouts recently..Good to know your getting out and about again. Keep the training up!