Sunday 4 August 2013

Conistone Dib

This is one of those walks I've thought of doing for years, and never got round to getting it done. Today was the day, only a short walk, but very enjoyable. Always good to go somewhere new!

Out of the first partof the dry gorge and into the "Dib"

Approaching the top of the "Dib"

Top of the "Dib"

On the line of the" Dales Way"

Bee's and Butterflie's collecting nectar while they can

Do................................and fasten, Please??


  1. Very nice walk and photo’s. I bet the wording was on the other side of the gate. I bet it said. Please let all my sheep out ............... and fasten please.

    1. Hi Alan
      Yep, it's a great little walk, we were a bit pushed for time but it can easily be extended. Quality not quantity eh :-)
      I like you're take on the missing words!!

  2. Looks like a nice little wander, never heard of it, always enjoy being shown new places!

  3. It's in Wharfedale, in Gods Own Country! so it's got to be good!!
    I say that as a Westmorland Lad...although my Dads from Yorkshire!
    So much to see in Wharfedale a beautiful valley.
    If you get a chance don't hesitate to visit.