Sunday 4 December 2011

Sour Howes

North from Sour Howes
This quite a regular walk for me, Sour Howes from the Moor Top Road. It's an old favourite going right back to schooldays, the area holds many happy memories. Dubbs Road is an easy walk past the recently repaired Dubbs reservoir, the track then climbs until the Troutbeck valley comes fully into view. Today the fells had the first significant snowfall on them, it'll take a bit more before i'll be out on the ski's or snowboard though! A steep stile gives you access to the open fell, it's quite steep as the path twists and turns ever upwards onto Applethwaite Common. I was soon on the summit of Sour Howes, or at least one of them. I visited the other bumps, before continuing along the broad ridge towards Sallows, I didn't visit the top, I've been there many times before and knew the ground would be very wet. I dropped down to the Garburn Road to be greeted by a terrific snowstorm, it didn't last long, and in-fact stayed dry all the way back to the car.

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