Monday 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Amble

Cairns on Hutton Roof Crags

Limestone pavement
A walk from home, following the Lancaster Canal south before crossing the M6 and taking the footpath into Curwen Woods. The path heads across a large area of limestone pavement, much of it has been robbed out but there's still a lot left to see, thankfully protected. A short bit of metalled road then southwest along a bridleway which gave access to the Cumbria Wildlife Trust reserve of "Lancelot Clark Storth,"(wonderful name). A steady climb through the reserve amidst hazel, ash, oak and yew all growing on the outcropping limestone brought me onto the confusing plateau of Hutton Roof Crags. I visited the prominent cairn, although this isn't the summit, that lies to the south (Ploverlands a Marilyn). The wind was gusting strongly so my plans for lunch at this point were posponed. I headed north along the broad ridge, crossing the road and once sheltered by the tall limestone wall I had my turkey butties. Onward to the summit of Farleton Knott, with the wind battering me, I was pleased to drop down and make my way to the bridleway and Holmefield, just a short way and I was home.

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