Saturday 24 December 2011

RSF ride from Halton

Bridleway below Caton Moor
A short mainly tarmac ride from the home of the South Lakes group RSF. From Halton, near Lancaster we rode along the Lune Cycle path to just beyond Caton, uphill was the order of the day as we climbed through Brookhouse beside Bull Beck. Quarry Road took us onto Caton Moor and a height of over 250metres, the view from here would be excellent on a better day, albeit blighted to the south by a wind farm. Apparently one of the first in the country dating from 1994, if only we knew then what we know now! Down hill on the rough bridleway past the clay quarry's which serve the brickworks at Claughton. Then a short lane to Farleton, followed by a short section of the busy A683 road before we branched off to Wray riding along the rather muddy "Back Lane" which brought us into the village. The tearooms at Wray Bridge beckoned, fortified by cake and coffee, (or chips in Ian's case) the ride led through Hornby and across the Lune at Loyn bridge. All road work via Eskrigge but bypassing Aughton. The weather had been a lot better than the forecast, with no rain whilst we were riding.

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