Sunday 27 November 2011


Trig and shelter on Ingleborough

One word sums up today's walk, "Wild." I parked on the high point of the minor road between Ingleton and Clapham, this road forms the southern edge of the Yorkshire dales National Park. There is no right-of-way on to the open fell from this point but access is tolerated. A good path leads up through boggy ground, until the limestone is reached when things dry up a bit. Beyond "Grey Scars" it becomes rather wetter underfoot, "Little Ingleborough" and Ingleborough are clearly in view ahead, the path leads up and eventually onto the broad ridge.  The wind was very strong making sensible walking all but impossible, once I was in the lee of the summit plateau there was a bit of shelter. However as I popped onto the plateau I was subject to the full force of the north-westerly gale, progress was very slow as I inched towards the trig point and summit shelter. Just to top things off a shower greeted me, I didn't hang about long. A couple of photos were snatched, I jogged back down the way I'd come over "Little Ingleborough" and down towards the limestone of "Grey Scars." It was a bit of a battle against the still strong wind, once on the scars I had a mootch round the various sinkholes and potholes in the area. I was treated to a rainbow, then walked the short distance down to the car.
Cairns on Grey Scars


  1. Sunday was a grand day out - I was but a few miles from you. You might even star on the video I took of Jinglebells.... (I think you would need excellent eyesight though as it is at very low resolution!)

  2. We were quite close weren't we? Shame I would have enjoyed a chat!