Thursday 24 November 2011

Nicky Nook

Trig on Nicky Nook
This was a re-visit to the Grizedale valley, near Scorton on the western edge of the Bowland Fells. I had been here for the first time with the RSF on the bike about a fortnight ago. Today I was walking, we followed the Grizedale valley up to the reservoir, were we had lunch. The next leg of the trip was all new to me as we followed the footpath up to the trig point on Nicky Nook. Who could resist a hill no matter how high with a name like that. This small hill sits back from the bulk of the Bowland fells, and as is so often the case the view is all the better for it. Out to the Irish Sea things were sadly a little hazy, but inland things were far clearer. The wind had really got up so we didn't linger long and followed the path north-westwards to reach the minor road which skirts this little hill. The path was very muddy it looked like a herd of Water Buffalo had been driven up it, although I doubt that was the case! The minor road led us unerringly back to the car, a really pleasant stroll.

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