Thursday 28 April 2011

Upper Swaledale & Kisdon

        A rare day out with Bill, we parked near Keld and walked down through the cottages along the lane which brings you to the bridge across the River Swale. This is the meeting place of the Pennine Way and Wainwright's Coast to Coast, but all was quiet today, no one about. Our route followed the Coast to Coast for a while, past the ruins of Crackpot Hall and followed the path high above Swinner Gill. A short detour from the bridge across the gill was taken to visit Swinner Gill Kirk. The waterfall had little water in it none of which was going down the cave.

Upper Swaledale
Southeast for Kisdon
        A cool breeze was blowing down the gill, it was difficult to find a sheltered spot for lunch, eventually a goo place was found with a panoramic view of the upper Swale. The thin thread of a path contoured across the hillside to Arngill. We explored the recently restored adit mouth and old tips of the lead mine, before we descended to the valley floor. Across the footbridge field paths brought us round to the bridleway which gains height quickly up the southeast flank of Kisdon, the short cropped turf made for easy progress over the summit ridge. The track drops off promptly towards Keld and in our case the car.

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