Sunday 24 April 2011

The Eden at Temple Sowerby

Oglebird Scar
       Another short stroll beside the River Eden, other than the traffic on the A66 (which we passed under) this was haven of peace on a Bank Holiday Sunday. The river and the banks were full of wildlife, an hour or so passed quickly as we watched Martins flying low over the water, catching flies before returning to their nesting holes only a few metres from were we sat. Further on the sandstone cliffs of Oglebird Scar had an appearance from another world. The sun was beating down all the way round, the car was a welcome sight back  in the village of Temple Sowerby.


  1. What a wonderfully tranquil picture. It's not all about "summits" and "targets" and all that crap, is it?
    Lovely post, as ever.

  2. You're right there Alan, we both thought this a rather special place. Our walk was only about 3 miles but all new which is important to me these days, you never know what you'll find!