Friday 29 April 2011

Croston and Billinge Hill

       The geographers amongst you will realise that Croston and Billinge Hill are miles apart, so what is the silly fool on about? Well the motorbike was due a service, and I like to take it to an independent guy at Croston. This  village/small town is well and truly on the flat lands between Preston and Ormskirk. I had round about 6 hours to kill, so I was able to thoroughly explore Croston and its randomly signed "Heritage Walk". All quite interesting, and followed by a couple of hours chill out time sat reading in the sun, nice and relaxing.                                                                                                 Having collected the bike, I made my way through a maze of towns and villages to arrive almost on the very top of Billinge Hill, why all this effort you may ask? Well it is of course a Marilyn! A short walk took  me to the high point, sadly the view wasn't great, the atmospherics made things a bit hazy.
Billinge Hill

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