Thursday 14 April 2011

Lancashire Cycleway

        Well part of it anyway, after a damp, drizzly morning I could fester no more. so out with the Cannondale and off I rode following the rather well marked cycleway as it led me towards Silverdale, then through quiet lanes to Arkholme in the Lune valley. Here I had to make a decision south on the Lancashire or north on the Cumbria cycleway, Cumbria won, partly because I knew the Tea wagon would be open at Devils Bridge. Tea taken, my route was up the Lune valley, turning off through the old estate of Rigmaden, and the killer climb which seemed never ending. A fast descent towards Kendal, over the flanks of Helm and shortly I was leaving the A65 down narrow lanes to arrive home. It had just managed to stay dry and in fact had improved as the day wore on.

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