Sunday 3 April 2011


As I parked at Ribblehead the" Three Peaks" were shrouded in dense low cloud, so a route was devised at lower levels. My plan to visit the pastures and limestone pavements below Park Fell, then crossing to the other side of the valley to return to the car under the viaduct.
Gauber pastures were first on my clockwise trip, I was trying to locate the settlements and farmsteads which are only rather sketchy on the ground. I sheltered behind a wall as a sharp shower passed, and ate my lunch. The limestone pavement hereabouts is part of a nature reserve, and deservedly so. Great Douk cave was next on the agenda, not a much water coming out really. I traversed round towards the Hill Inn, down the road a bit and along the private road to Philpin. The path branches off and passes "Hawes Gill Wheel", a huge sink which must be a terrific sight in times of flood. The sun was out now for the last leg back under the viaduct which never fails to impress.

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