Wednesday 15 May 2019

Wansfell Wildcamp

The great spell of weather prompted me to ask @ianwood2011 if he wanted to come along on a trip up Wansfell earlier in the week. our last wildcamp on the top of Coniston Old Man had been almost 2 years time fly's.We agreed to meet on the top, having been at work during the day it was after 6.30pm when I left the car near Town End in Troutbeck.....

Troutbeck and the Ill Bell ridge looking great in the early evening light.

Windermere from Robin Lane

Reaching the summit of Wansfell about 8.00pm after my roundabut route, Ian was already in residence! He was using his new Durstan X-mid...which looked very good.

I chose a pitch a little to the East, with a view down almost the full length of Windermere. I was using my Six Moons Deschutes...I got a really taut pitch, although the ground was a little slopey.

The sun disappeared without much of a sunset...nice layers tho'

A little later there was a bit of a light show over the Fairfield Horseshoe.

There was very little cloud at sunrise, so there was no great lightshow either...this was as god as it got.

There was a few pockets of mist, this one over Blelham Tarn and its environs picked out with the telephoto lens.

The warm light starting to catch the slopes below the summit of Wansfell Pike.

Loughrigg and the fells round the Langdales.

With Ian due to start work in Grange-over-Sands at 9.00am, we left the summit and descended to and then down Nanny Lane (recently repaired it would seem).
A good trip we both felt, so no doubt there will be others in the future.


  1. Your lucky to be able to do that on the spur of the moment and you have so much choice. So many new tent options too, I mustn’t fall into the trap. I didn’t blog about our trip to Arnside but it was very enjoyable.

    1. Yes Alan, very lucky. No new tents for me though....yet!!
      Glad you enjoyed your time in Arnside, its a my favorite short destination when out for a quick spin in an evening. I presume you mean the trap of not blogging? Presently I don't blog all my trips today!
      Take care

  2. Sorry Alistair, I meant the trap of buying new gear. Always hard to resist.

    1. Ahhh....I see! Yep I fall into that trap as well, Several purchases recently...Hey embrace the geadiction!