Sunday 26 May 2019

A Walk to the Coast....From Home.. (Holme)!

Waking to a dull, drizzly morning it was difficult to get motivated to do anything more than drink coffee and read. The forecast was for it to improve, and by 12ish things were looking better. Rather than drive somewhere in the Bank Holiday traffic I decided to walk from home. Sandside on the Kent estuary would be the objective.....

First lane of the day at Elmsfield, Farleton Knott in the background.

Across the River Bela at Hang Bridge

Having walked along Hangbridge Lane I crossed the Bela again here at Heron Corn Mill.

Through Dallam Park, with it's resident herd of Fallow Deer.

They're not tame...but not wild either!

Dallam Tower, home of the Wilson's

Having crossed the B5282, I was almost at the seaside. A look back at Milnthorpe Bridge.

A Goosander and its family...Mum operating a taxi service!

As I climbed over Haverbrack a look back North to the Lakes, and it looked wet.

Then across Beetham Fell to "Fairy Steps"...seems to me its getting narrower :-)

Much of my route bakc from the Fairy Steps forms part of the Limestone Link.

Farleton Knott taken from the footbridge over the West Coast mainline...almost home.
Something a little different, I'm usually on the pushbike round these lanes rather than my feet.
Anyone interested in my route would be best looking at my Strava track here .

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